Bilar 'Sveriges Mest Kopta Bil"


It's not gummy, it's not marshmallow, it's... gummallow? I've tastes quite a few candies like these; they have the look and feel of some kind of marshmallow/gummy hybridization. As if gummy worms and Mr. Stay Puft had some kind of torrid affair. I can't say I'm a big fan of these either, I can say I like them more than marshmallows, but I don't like them as much as standard gummies.

The texture is really the main sticking point for me. It's best described as a slightly chewier, denser marshmallow. It's not exactly a gummy because it seems a little more air filled and a little less stretchy. Taste wise Bilar's are also a little strange. It almost has a slight creamy flavour, like marshmallows, but it's also kind of fruity too. The problem with the flavour is that it's never as intense, and nice, as regular gummies.

These Bilars are also a little disappointing in the shape department. The package seems to advertise them as being the shape of cars. The implication is that you'll get a whole variety of car shapes in each bag. The truth is you just get a bag of similarly shaped cars, and the shape is more like the car from Monopoly than any real car. In fact, my Monopoly car has more detail than these do.

So, kind of gross texture, not very interesting design, however the flavour is OK, although it could be better. I don’t think I’ll buy these again, but if you offer me one I may take it, but I’m just being polite.