The Foreign Candy Company, inc.

You know what these things need? Something, anything, some kind of kick, these things are so bland and boring. They remind me of 'Lotsa Fizz' but the flavour isn't that great and the fizz doesn't really fizz that much at all. I guess they have cool characters on the pack, but I need something a little more than a punk rock candy to interest me. Particularly, when the characters give the impression that you might be eating something extreme.

I hate it when candy companies layer their package with all kinds of extreme logos and designs and then just fizzle out. The package often sets the expectations for something, and in this case something extreme, but all you’ve got is a bland not that fizzy candy. It makes me realize that designers for candy package must be paid a lot less than the people who design the candy itself. That’s because there was obviously some work done on the package, but none on the candy.

I guess the one advantage these have over 'Lotsa Fizz' is that there are more flavours and they're in the appropriate package (Lotsa Fizz are more often than not in the wrong coloured package for their flavour of candy), but they just seem a little flat in the flavour and texture department.