Fusen Bubble Gum


There is so much about this little piece of gum to be confused about. Right off the bat the strange bear on the front of the package is very confusing. Is he throwing that ball? Is he in some kind of very inappropriate black face makeup? It's all very unclear and frankly scares me a little bit in these politically correct times. Then the name of the candy "Fusen", that sounds European and there's even some kind of line over the "u" on the package. While all the signs point to a European candy it turns out this gum is made in Japan. Finally there's the free tattoo inside, I couldn't figure out what it was at all (I'll post a picture of it here). So even before I bite into this piece of gum, I'm both confused and a little nervous.

My assumption when I saw the black bear on the package was that this gum was going to be licorice flavoured, fortunately it's not. That would have been bad for me, since I don't like licorice, and that might also be a little racist because of the black faced bear on the package. The gum was a little sketchy looking, it was white with pink spots. The spots where not fun looking spots either, kind of like something got clogged in the gum machine, or maybe that the mixture wasn't mixed enough.

The good news is that once I bit into the gum, it wasn't too bad. It was a basic fruit flavoured gum that I can't really pick out which fruit it's supposed to be, but it was pleasant enough. The flavour lasted for a whole ten minutes, so that could have been better, but it wasn't too bad either. I guess my lack of understanding made this candy a little intimidating, but the gum itself was nothing to worry about.
Chew Time: 10 min