Black Thunder


The description of this bar is “cookie bar covered with chocolate”, and that’s pretty much what you get. The cookie in this bar is actually pretty good, and it is sort of unique. It tastes fairly chocolaty, and it’s got a nice crunchy texture. What I really found unique was the way that the cookie was presented. Normally cookies are just flat bars or disks with one solid colour all the way through, unless it’s something like a chocolate chip cookie or a cookie with some other type of ingredient. This is a pure cookie, but it’s made up of globs of cookie instead. What makes this interesting is that all the globs aren’t the same colour, there are both white and black cookie globs throughout the bar. It could have been a little better if the cookie colours each had a unique flavour, but I wasn’t too disappointed with the pleasant chocolate flavour that was offered throughout.

The cookie in this bar rocked, and that’s great since it’s the focus of the bar, the chocolate on the other hand was pretty bad. This main problem with the chocolate in this bar is the lack of quality. It didn’t have any kind of chocolate flavour, and the texture was more waxy than chocolatey. Then there’s the problem of the chocolate being way too thin. I guess one could say that’s a good thing, since the quality of the chocolate was so bad, but that’s really a poor excuse.

The chocolate in this bar is just not great, but the cookie redeemed it a bit by being a high-quality cookie delivered in a unique way. I was surprised how much I liked this bar, and I would certainly eat another one, but I might cover it in thicker layer of higher quality chocolate.