Black Sesame Treat

Shanghai Gui Sheng Food Co. Ltd

The packaging on this fun little treat is spectacular. The cute little window opens my world to all kinds of black sesame fun. Inside it's not sealed tight, it's wrapped like a Christmas gift, or at least a Christmas gift that's wrapped in clear cellophane, so I already know what it is.

The thing about this treat is I'm not really sure what the difference between black sesame seeds and regular sesame seeds is. Are they just cooked more? In that case I should probably expect to bite into something with a pretty severe toasty flavour, because this treat is dark. However, if it's just another variety of sesame seed, then I might get a subtler flavour.

As it turns out I don't think the colour of these seeds has anything to do with how toasted the sesame seeds are. In fact, the center of these seeds is pretty light, so I figure it must be some breed of sesame seed that is darker on the outside. The taste of this bar pretty good. I'm sure that I should brush my teeth after this review because I know they'll show up between my teeth later today and their black colour will make that very obvious.

The bar itself isn't bad, it's not as sweet as other sesame treats I've had, but that's OK. It allows the flavour of the seeds to shine a little more than most sesame treats do. I'm glad it's kind of small because although the treat is yummy, I'm not sure if I could eat a large amount of it in one sitting.