Bliss "Creme de Menthe"


Melt in your mouth chocolate treats and mint chocolate together, yup it works. Some people don't like mint and chocolate together, I frankly don't blame them. The idea of mint and chocolate sounds strange, but it works. However, I'm thinking that if you're reading a review on a website called Candy Critic, you're pretty familiar with this combination, if not go out and get something with mint and chocolate and continue reading here.

These particular treats might actually be one that I would recommend to try if you've never tried this combination before, but I guess if you read the sentence above you may have tried something different already. The point is this is a fine example of these two flavours coming together to make something that taste pretty darn good. Although that's to be expected since the folks at Hershey's have done a pretty good job with their Bliss line of chocolates.

I'm not really sure if there is anything to say that's really negative about these except maybe for the lack of originality in the idea of making chocolate mint treats. It has been done a million times in the past, but at least Hershey's managed to do this nicely and made a darn fine treat.