Blitz Stoked Power Mints "Fruit Frenzy"


Fruity, man-o-man are these things fruity. They call them mints but for the life of me I can't figure out why. Not that their bad, there's just no mint in these whatsoever. The minute you put these things on your tongue, the strength of the flavour is pretty powerful, my jaw even hurt a little. I’m sure they’re doing nothing to help my bad breath.

They kind of taste like 'Sweet Tarts' but with a little more kick. That’s probably not only from the flavour but also from the size and texture of these “mints”.

Holy cow, I just bit into it and the sour gets even stronger in the center. It's not that the sour is the strongest I've had, but it's got a real kick. Often candies that are sour lose the sour taste and change int a sweet flavour pretty quickly, but these don't. If your looking to freshen your breath after a garlic-filled meal these aren't really your thing, but if you'd like something with a little sour, just to make your day, why not.