Blood Bones


The thing that made me choose to write a review of these little bones was purely an aesthetic one. I was walking through a bulk food store and I saw a huge bin filled with these red and white crunchy bon shaped treats and I couldn’t resist the idea of tasting them. The best part about these treats is the way the red is splattered on each bone differently in a blood curdling realistic manner.

The treat itself is pretty basic; it’s a little candy that has a hard exterior and a powdery yet still hard interior. When I first bit into one I had a sudden panic attack because I got this idea that maybe these are called blood bones because they also make it look like your mouth is filled with blood (like a Halloween blood capsule). Since I’m doing this review in a public place this idea terrified me. Fortunately, I see no signs of red in my mouth, however the people around me must be wondering why I keep licking my fingers every few minutes.

These little bones look great and would decorate any Halloween party bowl or cake really well. They taste ok, and they don’t make blood gush out of your mouth which is either a plus or a minus depending on your situation.