Sokolata Pavlidou Ygeais


A dark chocolate bar, plain and simple. When I ask people what's their favourite candy, some people actually tell me that they don't really like sweets. I'm shocked by this response, but often I find out that although they don't like candy, the exception is often dark chocolate. Dark chocolate seems to be the treat that bridges gaps between candy fans and candy haters. I can see why, dark chocolate, while a little bit sweet isn't sickly sweet. It has a slight bitterness that many non-candy eaters really like. I'll be honest, my favourite chocolate is milk chocolate, but I do appreciate a good dark chocolate bar now and again.

This bar would rank as OK, in the scale of dark chocolate. I've had some fine dark chocolates that have a much richer flavour and that don't rely on sugar to cut through the bitterness of the chocolate. This bar seems a little too afraid to go really dark, so they seem to add more sugar than most other fine dark chocolate treats. For me, being a fan of milk chocolate, I don't really mind this; some dark chocolate purists might not like this bar because it’s too sweet.

The chocolate itself is tempered fairly well. It has a nice snap, and melts in your mouth fairly easily. I would rate this bar as being an average dark chocolate bar, I've tasted better dark chocolate, but I've tasted many dark chocolate bars that are much worse. If you're looking to fill that dark chocolate craving, this is a great bar for you.