March 2022








Takis "Blue Heat"


I’ve been having a really hard time reviewing these Takis. I should start by saying that I believe these are the first Takis I’ve ever tried. I generally don’t go for spicy treats, and Takis are known to be very spicy, so it’s always been something I’ve kind of avoided. I decided to change that since I just couldn’t not try a bright blue spicy snack that’s so popular with a lot of people. The thing is, after eating my first Takis I was only left with more mysteries than before.

You can’t really avoid the elephant in the room, why in the world are these Takis blue. When you think of spicy foods you generally think of red, and sometimes green. Blue on the other hand is most often associated with cool foods, like mints or frozen treats. These are also not naturally blue coloured, the blue on these is very blue, like a Smurf. My only guess could be that they’re going for some kind of blue flame theme, similar to a gas flame. This again doesn’t work for me because I generally associate gas flames with natural gas, and that stuff smells horrible.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s a really strange flavour I was not expecting when I ate these Takis. If you’re unfamiliar with Takis, they’re basically rolled up corn chips that are covered in intense flavouring (and in this case a lot of blue). Spicy and corn chips go together pretty well, but these are also very sour. I’ve had corn chips with a “hint of lime” before, and it worked well. These are a little different in that they don’t really taste like lime and the sour is pretty intense. I wouldn’t say it’s as intense as the heat, but it’s still pretty powerful.

These are a really unique treat, and nothing about them offends me in any way. I’m not a huge fan of spicy treats, but I understand that I’m not the majority on this. I feel like the sour is a little intense and weird, but I don’t hate it. I just feel like there’s something missing in these chips, maybe a cheese flavour or something to balance out the extreme flavours. It just feels like these Takis are being intense for the sake of being intense.