I'm told that if you translate the first ingredient, it reads clown. Now someone that knows this treat tell me if that's true. With an ingredient like that, I figure that this bar should be chock full of fun… Right? Well I have to say that fortunately it doesn't actually taste like a clown, not that I'd know what a clown taste like. You know I've been writing for 5 minutes and already I'm off to a weird start, I think next week I have to do a simpler candy review.

Actually, although strange in theme and appearance (at least the package is a little weird), the bar itself was pretty simple. It wasn't really one of my favourite bars in the world, but it wasn't gross at all. It had some kind of orange cream that totally overpowered any other flavour in the whole bar. I didn't taste one bit of chocolate only orange. It seemed like there was a white and chocolate cream inside but I couldn't taste it (again only orange). The cream kept the bar smooth but the chocolate did seem a little waxy, not that I could really tell since it was so thin.

This bar lacks balance, too much orange not enough... Well anything else really. Maybe that is what a clown tastes like.