Bottle Caps


Bottle caps are truly a classic candy and I could eat a million of these things. These have been around for as long as I know and they’re one of my favorite bulk candies of all times. The fact that they have been around forever, is simply because they taste great.

Of the 5 flavours available I particularly like the root-beer, likely because they really remind me that these are not only bottle cap in shape, but in this case in flavour as well. I also think that root beer candies like these are kind of rare and unique. The other flavours aren't bad either. The cola also gives me a hint that I’m eating a candy based on a soda pop. The orange, cherry and grape are a little more common in candy flavours, but they’re not bad.

The flavour isn’t the only thing though, it's almost as if they have a fizzy texture to them. It’s not like a full on popping that you might find in Pop Rocks, but there’s just something that gives you a slight tickle. So even if you’re not thirsty but still want all the feeling of drinking some soda pop, why not pop the cap.