Brain Blasterz "Mega Sour Powder With Lolly Dipper Strawberry Flavoured"


I find that gimmick candies often try really hard to be edgy. Sometimes it's fun and clever and sometimes it's so over the top that it’s just silly. I might think they’re silly because I'm an adult (at least legally), and according to this package someone who should take "warning" about eating this candy. The thing is, I don't remember as a kid looking at candy like this and thinking that I was being a bad ass for eating it. In fact, this kind of gimmick might get me to try it once, but I'd need it to really be as intense or crazy as it claims it is on the package for me to try it again.

The problem with Brain Blasterz is that they're not really that intense. Sure, the sour powder is pretty sour, but it's not a horrible face scrunching experience that the package would lead you to believe it is. Once you've had one or two dips of your lollipop into the sour powder you're pretty much used to the sourness, and it's really just covering up the strawberry flavour of the lollipop. It certainly didn't make me feel like the fellow depicted on the package.

As for the lollipop, it was the hidden gem of this treat. It was a fine strawberry lollipop that could have done fairly well on its own. The only problem I noticed with the lollipop was in how it was packaged with the sour powder. The lollipop was kept candy side up in the package, I guess to keep it away from the powder? The problem is that it meant I had to take the lollipop out by gripping onto the candy, worst of all it was still covered in the sour powder anyways.

I have to be honest, I'm not a big fan of treats where you have to dip your lollipop into powder after each lick. It's time consuming, and a little gross (particularly because your powder just turns into a saliva filled mess pretty quickly). The sour wasn't the most intense flavour I've ever had, but it wasn't bad, the highlight of this candy (the flavour of the lollipop) is totally hidden away.