This review is pretty simple to write, it's a Kit Kat bar. The only difference between this bar and a Kit Kat is the design on the top of the bar. Other than that, it's exactly the same. There are really only two excuses for making a bar that's exactly the same as a Kit Kat bar. The first is that you actually created the Kit Kat bar, and decades ago Rowntree (the creators of the Kit Kat bar) ripped you off. The second is that you're in a country where Kit Kat bars are not available, and you're a local candy company filling in that market.

If neither of these rules apply to you, then you've just ripped off one of, if not the best selling bars in the world, and you have no excuse from a creative perspective. I don't blame them from a business perspective, since I'm sure the Break bar sells well enough. I'm just a little sad that a company that can probably afford to pay for a little research and development, judging by the high quality of the bar and the package, didn't try and make something unique. There are lots of new candy ideas waiting to happen, but there just not happening with this bar.

You'll notice that I give this bar the highest marks for taste and texture, that's because the Kit Kat bar also gets the highest marks for taste and texture. You'll also notice that I give it very low marks for novelty, I'll revoke that if the folks at Tiffany prove to me that Rowntree ripped them off.