Bridge Mixture


I have to say that the description on the box leaves something to be desired: "A delicious assortment of coated confectionery". What does that mean? 'Something coated in something.' Doesn't really say much, does it? I’m assuming that they think the rest of the world already knows what Bridge Mixture is. If not, I guess it's my job to clear this up.

The initial plan was to try one of each thing in this package and review them separately, but to be honest I can't really tell them apart. That combined with the little-to-no description on the box, means I don't even know how many things there are in this box. At first, I thought this might be frustrating, but to tell the truth it's kind of fun. You take a bite and who knows - you might get a fruity-tasting marshmallow thing, or maybe a raisin-like thing. I just ate one that tasted like coconut but felt like marshmallow. Oh, oh, a peanut - something I'm sure of.

This is fun. I can't say I like all the flavours I'm getting, but it's fun to try and figure them out as I eat them. While it’s a fun game to play, it would have been nice if the package could have had some kind of indication as to what we might expect.