K - Europe - Unique



Taste: 4.5

Texture: 4

Novelty: 2.5

All scores out of 5

If I was rating this candy on originality alone it probably wouldn’t have done very well. That’s because it’s almost exactly the same as a candy I tried in Vienna called Super Dickmann’s. Super Dickmann’s are a marshmallow like treat covered in chocolate with a thin wafer on the bottom. If my candy history is correct these originated in Vienna, possibly during the Christmas season. If my historical knowledge is correct, that means that the Brunberg Kiss are copies of the Super Dickmann’s, but that doesn’t make these a failure by any stretch. There's also a possibility that my history is wrong, in which case I'll come back and give these a higher score and lower the score on Super Dickmann’s.

Super Dickmann’s candies tasted fine, but the quality of these Kiss's seemed a little better. It’s as if the chocolate is smoother, and the marshmallow fluffier. As a another improvement, these have the benefit of a chocolate flavoured marshmallow. I’m not a fan of plain (vanilla) marshmallows. It’s a subtle difference, but an improvement nonetheless. The only fault I could give compare to the Super Dickmann’s is the wafer. I remember the wafer on the Super Dickmann’s candy being a little more substantial. When I first bit into this Kiss I wasn’t even certain there was a wafer. I had to dig around a bit and visually see it to be sure there was a wafer there.

This isn't a breakthrough candy, but it's nice enough. The unique quality of this candy is really the history of the name (which you can see here on our instagram feed Snack Facts), since it seems like it's a copy of a popular Viennese candy. While it's nothing brand new (for some), it's a really high quality treat and I would still say it’s well worth trying.