Fizzy Pellet Thing


What in the world made me buy these things? Well maybe that’s actually a simple question to answer. I'm at my local candy store in China Town (Toronto) and I come across something I can't read or even figure out. This is a plus for me, mainly because I know that I'll get to try something new. Now you're all reading this thinking this guy is one of those "experience the world and all things are good types", right? Well I'm not. In fact, I'm pretty chicken when it comes to eating new things. But finally, after pushing these things to the back of the candy cupboard for a long while, I got the nerve and a little extra encouragement to try them out.

Problem one, what are they? Do you put them in water and they fizz up, or do you eat them? I decided I would chuck it in a glass and see what would happen first. (Insert candy in glass of water) Well it became a wet candy and that's about all, no fizz, no flavoured water. After that, I came to the conclusion that all you do is pop it in your mouth. I did and it was a fizzy cola pellet, not too bad, but nothing special. If this is how you eat them then they really are not the most interesting treat in the world.

If you happen to know what I might have done wrong, I’d appreciate if you’d let me know. I really think that there’s something I’m missing by just popping them in my mouth.