Bubblicious "Savage Sour Apple"


It's time for the Candy Critic question of the day. I want to know why people like sour apples. Any good baker will tell you they're great for baking with because they are hardier and tend to stay crunchy, but the sourness is changed into sweetness when cooked. So I want to know, who eats sour apples? I mean, crab apples are super sour and you'll never catch anyone eating them... right? The fact that sour apple is a common candy flavour baffles me on a regular basis.

I have to be honest. I'm not a big fan of apple-flavoured things, and as you can tell by the rant above, I'm even less fond of sour apples. But I have to be professional about this, so here goes. It's exactly what I expected. It tastes like fake sour apple, although the sour outweighs the apple flavour considerably. This is probably good because I don't mind sour candies (just not apples). I can't figure it out, I just don't like fake apple flavours but so many people seem to love it. There are so many fake flavours I love, but this is one I just can't get into. I don't hate it as much as fake watermelon, but it's still not my favourite.

Chew Time: 12 min