Bubbly Santa

Marks & Spencer

This seems like the Christmas treat that can't loose. First of all, I'm a huge fan of Marks & Spencer both their food and their underwear (seriously the best men’s underwear ever). If you're unfamiliar with Marks & Spencer, they're a department store chain that originated in the UK but you can find locations in other parts of the world now too. They offer a wide selection of fine clothing products, however their real claim to fame is their food courts. In these food courts they offer a huge selection of some of the best UK foodstuffs available, everything from frozen dinners, sandwiches, and awesome sweet treats. I should also reiterate, for no particular reason, that Marks & Spence sells the most comfortable underwear in the whole world... You now know something about me that you probably didn't want to know.

With a stellar food court, offering some of the best UK products, you would imagine that their chocolate treats would rival some of the best in the world. After all the UK is known for some of the best chocolate bars in the world. This is why I was especially disappointed with this Bubbly Santa. While it looked OK, the quality of the chocolate, and the quality of the bubble centre was bellow par. After the first bite I was convinced that this was not up to the calibre of Marks & Spence, and after a few more bites, I realized that this wasn't even up to the calibre of even the most average of chocolate bars.

The chocolate didn't melt in my mouth, and it was waxy and tasteless. The worst offender however was the texture. I was expecting a shell of chocolate covering a bubble filled centre. Instead the shell was way too thick, and the bubble centre was so dense that it could have been solid chocolate. That would have been fine if but two things. First of all they advertised a "bubbly" centre, and secondly the chocolate wasn't that great.

I'm very disappointed with this treat, I sure hope the quality of the underwear at Marks & Spencer doesn't follow suit.