Simplicity in taste and fun to eat, this is the frozen treat, Bugz. The one thing really disturbing about this treat has to be the picture of the mosquito on the front stinging a tongue, it makes my mouth itchy just thinking about it. You would think designing a candy based on bugs would be a hard sell too. After all the idea of eating bugs is not something on the forefront of most people’s minds. Putting it in a frozen treat form even mimics one of the classic practical jokes of a fly in your ice cube.

The good thing is that this treat was so much fun to eat; all I was thinking about was the next gummy bug I was going to pull out of this frozen treat. I was surprised at how well gummies work in frozen treats as well. They did get a little bit hard, so it took a bit of effort at first to chew them. After a few chews however they softened up nicely and went down well. I think the main reason this worked so well was the small size of each gummy. Larger gummies would have been much more effort to chew and not as much fun.

The other advantage of this frozen treat is if a real bug lands on your Bugz frozen pop you might not even notice.