Bull's Balls

Rudei Dudes

I really wish that I had something interesting to say about this candy. Sure, you’ll get a chuckle (depending on your sense of humour) over the name “Bull’s Balls”. The thing is, I’m not sure you’ll get much more joy from this candy after that. The only thing that continues the joke a little bit is the fact that the gumball is slightly elongated and coloured brown. You might say that the red goo in the middle might be “fun”, or themed to this treat, only it really doesn’t ooze that much. If you wanted to simulate someone eating a raw bull testicle, it might be a good idea to use really oozy red filling instead of something that feels more like a gummy than an ooze. I guess what I’m saying is, if you want to get a chuckle over this candy, it might be best to take a picture if you see it at a candy store, or just share this review with your friends. Chances are, if you buy it, after you open the package, the joke will be over.

The gum is one of the blander gums I’ve had in a while. It’s not that it’s tasteless really, it’s just not that exciting. It claims to be “tutti fruitti & raspberry flavoured”, but all I tasted was your standard plain bubble gum flavour. There might have been a slight hint of berry or something in the gel in the middle, but it was quickly overtaken by the plain bubble gum flavour. Figuring out the flavours of this gum was only made harder due to the fact that the flavour lasts about one minute, and has a very rapid decline. After chewing for about 5 minutes I could barely taste anything at all.

I can’t say that I was expecting much out of this gumball, and that’s pretty much what I got. I’ll continue to try and dig through these oddly themed candies, in hopes that one day I’ll come across a surprisingly good one. At this point I can’t recommend that you buy a Bull’s Balls candy, just enjoy the chuckle you get at your local candy store, and move along to something a bit tastier like some Jelly Bellies or Gummy Bears.