Bum Blasters

Rudei Dudes

I don’t understand this candy at all. I’ve had a few different “rude” candies in the past, and each one of them kind of made sense. Some of them were a bit of a stretch, but for the most part the basic design of gimmick rude candies makes some kind of sense. These on the other hand are a complete mystery to me. The package would suggest that this candy has something to do with farting. I was expecting one of two things, I was expecting some kind of smell coming from the candy, or (but not likely) that the candy would give me gas. The thing is, neither happened. After thinking about it a little more, I guess this could have also been brown in colour and kind of chunky, but it didn’t fit that mold either.

What you get in this suggestive package is a pink, round, chewy candy. It tasted fine enough and it was a bit sour. The package suggested that it should be “extra sour”, but I didn’t taste anything extra about it at all. It was probably closer to a tart strawberry flavour then sour. The other thing that the package promised was some kind of liquid filling. I didn’t get anything liquid in the center at all, it was pretty much the same texture all the way through.

This was really a basic strawberry chewy candy, with a package that promises so much more. For better or for worse this candy did not deliver anything close to what I was expecting. I can’t figure out what they were going for at all, and I really think you can find much better chewy candy without paying a premium for a silly package.