Bunny Ears


I’m not really sure that these are supposed to be bunny ears. When I bought these chocolate pieces, I bought them at a bulk food store (Bulk Barn in Canada). In bulk food stores they don’t have the packages where many things come from and on occasion I’ve seen food labeled with creative names. Sometimes I’m not sure if these creative names are legal changes in order to avoid copyright infringements, or if the employees are just pulling my leg. This is one of those cases, while these do kind of have the shape of bunny ears, it feels like a bit of a stretch. That and I’m not really sure why bunny ears would have a bunch of colourful specs on them. I guess you could say that these are ears that have been amputated from chocolate bunnies, but that sounds a little morbid.

As a candy these are ok. The chocolate isn’t the best chocolate I’ve ever had. I think it’s either a semi sweet or dark like chocolate. It seems like a dark chocolate that’s been over sweetened in order to cut back on the bitterness. The sprinkles don’t add anything to the flavour of the chocolate, but they do add to the texture. The addition isn’t that great as it seems to make the chocolate gritty. Gritty chocolate isn’t a good thing in my book. It’s not ruined by these gritty bits, but it certainly doesn’t help the meh chocolate either.

I keep thinking that this is some kind of cake decoration/baking ingredient rather than a candy. I feel like the way this candy would work is as a decoration on a cake. On it’s own it just doesn’t hold up, but maybe on a nice moist chocolate cake it would add a nice aesthetic flare.