G - North America - Lollipop

Glo Popcifier

Koko's confectionary novelty

Taste: 1

Texture: 2

Novelty: 4

All scores out of 5

April 12 2009

It's as if this company knew that I was going to do a crazy amount of Easter reviews this year. It also looks like they decided to ace the "Novelty" factor in the review. They can manage this because not only is a lollipop, not only is it shaped like a bunny, and not only is it on a pacifier, but it lights up. I don't want to understate the amount that this thing glows either. If I was lost in a jungle and I needed to call for help this would be my tool of choice. I'm fairly certain you can see me in space right now.

All these little bells and whistles are great, but really how does it taste? Pretty much the best way to answer that, is not much at all. It has no particular flavour at all. It reminds me of carnival candy that also had no flavour but at least you were at the carnival while you're eating it.

The other problem with this treat has to be the pacifier angle. It basically makes it really hard to eat and makes you drool a whole lot. So much that my hands are all sticky and I'm pretty sure I don't look attractive eating this thing.

If I was lost in the jungle, I would wish for one of these, that or maybe if I was at an Easter themed rave it might come in handy. But for now in front of my computer with my sticky keyboard I think I'd rather have a regular lollipop.