March 2024





Raw Milk Sweets

Good Taste

This chewy candy is a great example of a common flavour and texture in Asia that’s just not around in most western countries. The idea of making a milky candy chewy is a little strange to westerners, and even sounds strange when you describe it. The only reason you can really get away with creamy is if you have chocolate, and while there are a few chocolate chews in the western world, most notably the Tootsie Roll, they really aren’t around that much. To take this idea of chewy treats with a milk flavour without any chocolate or even vanilla seems even weirder to most people in the west. The thing is, almost every person I know who’s ever tried this type of candy really likes it.

The trick to this type of candy working is the fact that milk is actually a very sweet ingredient. There’s a lot of sugar to exploit in milk, and once you boil it down there’s a very distinct yet sweet flavour. The simplicity of the sweet flavour of milk is what makes these candies work.

When you compare many of these candies, there are a few factors that can differ. One is the texture, and these really did well on that end. I’ve had a few of these chewy milk candies that pull every single filling out of my mouth (I’m looking at you White Rabbit), but these weren’t bad at all. In fact I could see myself eating a few of these and my jaw wouldn’t even be even a little bit tired. They’re almost a fudgy consistency, but just chewy enough.

The other way these candies can differ is how well they balance the sweet and creaminess. These felt a little more sweet than most other milk chews that I’ve had in the past. I would have liked a little more cream to balance it out, but it wasn’t too bad.