If I was to rate this cool treat by taste and texture alone, it would do fairly well. The texture in particular was nice and smooth, and it was a pleasant way to cool down on a hot day. The flavour was a bit of a mystery, I can only assume it's some kind of citrus flavour. The pink and white portions don't really taste or feel any different. It's a fine cool treat, nothing special but it worked fairly well on the taste and texture front.

Where things start to go off the rails would fall into the novelty category. I'm happy enough with the butterfly theme. I'm not sure what butterflies have to do with cool citrus fruit, but I can deal with that. The first part I have problems with is the fact that you're encouraged to break your butterfly in two pieces, right down the middle. The package indicates that as you snap your butterfly in two it will bleed pink blood, fortunately this didn't happen. It's a rather gory way to enjoy a cool treat, and I'm not sure what the point is.

The second reason I'm a little off on the novelty comes from the package. Normally I try not to let the package influence my reviews, but this one really bothered me. On the package there is a boy in a warm jacket. On his jacket is the word "Eskimo"(a term not really used today). He seems to be standing in a green field next to mushroom houses. Are they implying that the Eskimo people are like garden gnomes? This just doesn't seem right at all, and I would expect Nestle (a huge global company) to know better.