I have to be honest, I’m not really sure what I’m getting myself into. Someone visiting South America recently brought back this round hockey puck and gave it to me. I assume it’s candy, because that’s generally the kind of thing people give to me. If it’s not, then I’m writing this part of the review for nothing. The picture on the package isn’t much help, as it depicts a lady carrying barrels of something, and not much else. She seems happy about whatever she’s carrying, so that’s good news. If this isn’t candy, my next guess is that it’s some kind of baking or cooking supply. If it is, then I’m not really sure why it was given to me.

Upon opening the package two things come to mind, first of all it’s likely chocolate, secondly it was really easy to open. The chocolate puck actually almost fell out of the package. I’m not sure what this says about the way it was packaged, but I’ll assume it’s OK. The first bite reveals something strange, and this strange thing is what’s inside this chocolate. The best way I can describe it is as a wafer (similar to a communion wafer) dish filled with some kind of caramel, then covered with chocolate. It’s not often that I get a chocolate that’s unlike any other chocolate I’ve had before. The idea of using a wafer bowl in a chocolate is really clever, and I like it a lot. I think this is something that would work with so many fillings and I hope to find more of them in the future.

While I like the idea, I wasn’t a huge fan of the flavour of the chocolate, or the caramel, I can’t really tell. There’s just something a little off about this flavour, it seems a little musty (like an old basement). The musty flavour went away after a few bites, but it did leave a bit of an aftertaste. It’s not horrible, it just doesn’t add anything good to this candy.