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Cactus Candy

Cactus Candy Company

Taste: 3.5

Texture: 3

Novelty: 4

All scores out of 5

Okay, before I do this review I have to ask one question. When you first saw this candy did you think I was eating a candy with little needles? Well your not the first. I picked up these treats on a little adventure out in Arizona, and thought "Hey Candy Critic if your a real man you'll eat a cactus candy no matter how spinney".

What did I get out of this treat? A little yummy, gummy jelly with a really sweet and slightly fruity flavour. If your not used to super-sweet treats, you might only be able to manage one or even half of one of the treats but it's worth a try. The great thing is the fruity flavour. I can't place it for the life of me, then it came to me, it must be the "delicious prickly pear cactus". As you know I'm a big fan of originality and as far as flavour this is great. So be a man and eat a cactus.