Crème Egg


The Crème Egg is truly an Easter phenomenon. Never have I seen a treat that covers the bases for a holiday so well. The marketing, design, and spirit of this treat screams Easter. All of this and you have a treat that is truly tasty, and original. It's really the perfect Easter gift for any child or adult, and for some people it's a special treat because they're not really available all over the world. Canada and the UK seem to be the hubs if you're looking for a Crème Egg, but I have heard of exports, both legal and illegal, all over the world.

To start off, I should mention that I don't normally like to talk that much about marketing in my reviews, but with the Crème Egg I have to make an exception These eggs are only available for sale before Easter (from January 1st till Easter to be exact). As you'll read later, this is a brilliant marketing ploy because they taste so good and people want to eat them all year round. Next, it's best to look at the design of this treat, for those that have never tried one. You basically have a chocolate egg filled with a super sweet, and tasty, crème. The special thing about this crème is the fact that it has two portions, a white part surrounding what appears to be a yellow yolk. This is great because when you bite into this egg it looks like you're biting into a real egg. Not that biting into a real raw egg is that appetizing and idea, but it's fun in this case.

All of this would make a fine treat with a great “novelty” rating, but there's one element that makes this treat legendary... It tastes good. The chocolate is of a superior quality that melts just right on your fingers and in your mouth. The center “goo” (as Cadbury calls it) is very sweet. Most people can't take more than one or two of these eggs at a time. That’s not because most people don't like this goo, it's smooth, and tasty, but it's just very sweet and rich.

If you've never had a Cadbury Crème Egg before I highly recommend finding one. If you have to import it wherever you are, it's well worth it.