Crème Egg "Mini"


It's not often I get the opportunity to sample a candy with a comparison. Most of the time when I write a review, it's just me and whatever candy I'm reviewing, however today is a little different. Today I'm lucky enough to have a regular Cadbury Crème Egg as well as these Crème Egg Minis. So, I will not only talk about the merits (or lack of) of the Mini Cadbury Crème Egg, I'll also talk about why it's different than its older brother.

The first difference between these eggs and the larger egg that I want to discuss is ratio. The normal Cadbury Crème egg is fairly sweet; this is because the most prevalent ingredient is the white and yellow cream in the centre. The mini eggs on the other hand have an outer shell that is almost as thick as the regular eggs, and therefore have less room for so much cream. This means if you like the chocolate part of the Crème Egg most of all, this might be the treat for you.

The second difference worth discussing is the comfort in eating it. The normal Crème Egg doesn't fit in your mouth very well and requires several bites, which can be a little messy. The mini eggs are much smaller, and might even be a little too small for a comfortable bite. I could actually go for an egg that’s somewhere in the middle of both of these eggs.

The quality of both of these eggs is fantastic. The cream is fun, and very sweet. The chocolate is smooth and melts on your fingers in the perfect way. While I think I still prefer the regular sized Crème Eggs, I think if you find the large eggs too sweet, these might be just the thing for you.