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Dairy Milk "Mint"


Taste: 4.5

Texture: 3

Novelty: 2

All scores out of 5

This was one of those bars that I saw and thought, "Wow, I've liked chocolate mint bars in the past. Maybe I should try this one." Then I figured that maybe it would be like all the rest, so I decided against it and next thing I knew I couldn't find it anywhere. Then a friend of mine told me how much she loved this bar and she got me one, so I guess a review is in order. (Thanks Mathilda)

I'm not sure why mint and chocolate go together so well; it's a mystery. This bar takes this great flavour combination and do nothing fancy, they just make it right. The bar tastes great. My only complaint, and it's a small one, is the texture. I was thinking it would melt in my mouth a little better, but it really didn't. I'm a fan of chocolate so smooth that you feel you don't even have to chew it. I'm sure that's just a bit of the candy snob in me coming out.

I guess this treat isn't very creative either, but Cadbury doesn't really do creative as much as they just do the basics right.