Peeps "Party Cake"

Just Born

Allison was asking me, what's the deal with all of these "birthday cake" themed treats and what flavour is birthday cake supposed to be anyways? From what I can tell birthday cake is generally a vanilla cake like flavour and is often decorated in some kind of festive way. Birthday Cake might be one of the only flavours that must include sprinkles to be complete. Some people, Allison included, would argue that birthday cakes shouldn't always be vanilla. In fact, if given the choice I would rather have a chocolate cake for my birthday. So, this idea of vanilla cake representing birthdays is a bit of a misnomer for me, and it frankly just upsets Allison.

For the sake of this review I'll make the assumption that birthday cake is supposed to taste like vanilla cake. We don't have to argue that chocolate cake makes for a better birthday cake. These Peeps manage one of the criteria of birthday cake and fail slightly at the other. They are very colourful and have all kinds of fun sprinkles on them. The blue colour is a little strange, but the colourful specks are nice. The failure of this Peep comes from the vanilla cake flavour. When you first bite into this marshmallow treat you get a slight hint of cake flavour, but almost instantly you're lost into a strong marshmallow flavour.

The marshmallow texture of these Peeps is pretty much the same as all other Peeps. Since I'm not a huge fan of marshmallow on its own, I wasn't a big fan of this texture either. The sprinkled outside improved the texture a little bit, but I'm still not really a fan. I gave this a fairly low mark in texture, but if you like marshmallows you'll probably have a different opinion.

I'm not sure if these Peeps are a party, but they are kind of fun looking. They don't really keep their cake flavour, and that was really disappointing.