September 2023




Calippo Lightsaber Ice "Blue Lemon Flavour"


I think the reason why I bought this cool treat is very obvious. From what I know Callipos are fairly popular cool treats in several places around the world. I first heard about them through British television shows. I’ve seen them before on my travels, but they’ve always come across as kind of boring. It’s a tube holding some kind of frozen treat, with what appears to be fairly standard flavours. The way I would describe them after tasting one hasn’t really changed much, but my opinion has.

If we take away the amazing theme of this cool treat, it is just a tube containing a sweet frozen substance. The flavour is pretty good, sweet but also very lemony. The texture is surprisingly good however. I was expecting either a Popsicle or maybe an ice cream treat, but the Calippo is not. Instead I would describe them as a fairly solid sherbet. They stays solid while you squeeze it up the tube, but once you bite into them, it turns into a soft sherbet. It’s fairly satisfying to eat with the only problem being that it gave me killer ice cream headaches, but I’m not certain I can blame the treat for that.

The flavour was good, but the combination of flavour and colour was a little weird. I know there are some places (hot dog on a stick) that colour their lemonades for reasons that are beyond me. I get that this had to be blue to suit the theme of the Star Wars lightsaber, but why go with lemonade if you have to go blue. Blueberry would be fun, or even the more common blue raspberry would make sense. Maybe finding blue to be an odd colour for lemonade a cultural thing for me, and maybe blue and lemonade works for other people perfectly well. It certainly didn’t ruin this treat, so I cannot complain one bit, it was just weird.