First and Finest Camel Milk Chocolate "Whole Milk"

Al nassma

What would you expect from camel milk chocolate? I can't say that I've ever had a glass of camel milk (that’s changed look below), so I can't say that it tastes any different, however I imagine it does. I imagine that it would be a little bit fattier, because camels have to live in the desert and have to store up fat reservoirs to keep alive. I imagine that their milk would reflect their nomadic desert lifestyle. I would also imagine that camel milk tastes a little gamier, similar to goat’s milk. You could imagine all of that, but you certainly wouldn't get that from this chocolate bar.

In fact, if I were to judge camel's milk just off the taste and texture of this bar, I would say that it's both bland and waxy. As far as I can tell this bar is a novelty bar, plain and simple. An expensive novelty as well, since it cost me more than triple what an average chocolate bar would have cost. Worst of all the chocolate itself wasn't even that good. It didn't melt in my mouth well at all, and the flavour was really bland. Maybe it could have used more cocoa, or maybe it could have used more camel milk, but it needed something to improve it.

The only thing this bar has given me is the ability to say that I have in fact eaten milk chocolate made from camel's milk. It gave me no sense of satisfaction, and even made this review hard to write. If there was just one unique highlight to this bar, I could have focused on that, instead all I can do is complain.