Wine Gums "Special Edition Canada 150"


Wine gums are an odd choice for a treat to celebrate Canada. As far as I know wine gums weren’t invented in Canada. While they’re fairly popular in Canada, I never thought of them as being a Canadian favourite either. Having said that, I really like it when treats get a little creative like this, particularly a gummy treat. Gummy treats are so versatile, and it’s nice to see something that might be considered an adult's gummy, go for something a little bit more fun.

As far as the gummies go, they’re standard wine gums in taste and texture. The purple (of which I only had one in my package… strange) was a bit grape like, but likely the most wine flavoured of them all. The white wine gum has a really strange flavour, almost like a pleasant vinegar. The yellow is most certainly a sour lemon and the red either failed totally as a cherry flavour, or excelled as a raspberry. Much like the yellow, the orange pulls off citrus perfectly, however it’s more of an orange zest than an actual orange. The green is lime, and is pretty much identical to the lemon.

Shape wise I think he choices of ice skates, beavers, and 1-dollar coins (loonies) is perfect. The only one I didn’t get was the flag shaped gummy, particularly since there was also wine gums in the shape of maple leaves included as well. The canoe was the shape I had the hardest time figuring out, but I can see why they went there.

I can't say that eating these is the best way to show how proud you are to be Canadian, but it can’t hurt either.