September 2023

Candy Pop Popcorn "Snickers"

Snax Sational

The problem I have with this popcorn, and with the some of the other flavours from the Pop Popcorn line are in my expectations. When I see the package, my expectations are that I’m getting a bag of popcorn that tastes something like Snickers, but it’s not really the case. What you’re actually getting is a bag of popcorn that’s flavoured using the same ingredients, or possibly the actual ingredients of Snickers. Another way to think about it is where you put your priorities. I imagine that these would primarily taste like Snickers, but instead this primarily tastes like a sweet popcorn. There is a hint of Snickers, but popcorn is really the hero.

I don’t believe that there’s any kind of funny business going on at all. I believe that this bag of popcorn is not only flavoured with the ingredients of a Snickers bar, I believe that there are actual pieces of Snickers bar. When you open the bag you even get a slight smell of Snickers, and when you eat it you can kind of taste a Snickers bar. The thing is, this popcorn is not Snickers forward. The main ingredient that you’d need to make it taste more like a Snickers is more peanuts. I did find a few peanut bits in my bag, but not that many.

Objectively I really did enjoy this popcorn, it’s sweet, crunchy and has a hint of chocolate, caramel and scattering of peanuts. If I didn’t know that this was a Snickers themed popcorn, I wouldn’t have guessed it. It pretty much needs more chocolate, caramel and peanuts to achieve that, but I wonder if too much Snickers could have ruined the popcorn. Maybe the goal of the folks at Snax Sational is to keep the integrity of the popcorn and just hint at the flavour. Keep the sweetness down, and highlight the popcorn with a popular sweet treat.