Caramel Bunnies


This treat has several good features and one kind of crummy feature. The first good feature, and it's a really good feature, is the quality of the chocolate. Keep in mind that this is a (purchased in England) Cadbury chocolate treat. Cadbury chocolate, particularly that bought in the UK, is pretty spectacular stuff. It's smooth, creamy and melts in your mouth in the best way possible.

The other good thing about this treat is quantity. Had I just had one bunny I probably would have been left wanting more. Maybe that's a good thing for people selling these, but as a consumer it made me happy that there are two bunnies in this package. I also like the fact that they didn't just give me one bunny that was twice the size. The smaller proportions where nice and balanced the treat well.

So, for the most part this treat was a success, although one thing really made me sad, and that was the amount of caramel. It was seriously lacking in caramel for a treat that claims to be a set of "Caramel” Bunnies. The treat only had a very thin layer of caramel; about one sixth of the treats thickness was caramel. There was a serious imbalance going on. The chocolate was spectacular and it saved this treat from disaster, but seriously more caramel is needed if you want to call them “Caramel” Bunnies.