November 2021

Caramel "Santas"


It’s as average a you can get for an inexpensive chocolate. I don’t want to be unfair when I talk about these caramel filled chocolate Santa Clauses. I bought them a discount store, and paid very little for them. This bag of chocolates probably cost less than 4 dollars Canadian. I don’t think you could classify these as gourmet in any way, shape, or form. This doesn’t excuse bad candy, but it does give you some context. Needless to say my expectations where fairly low, and I wasn’t expecting anything that great.

I can’t say that I was shocked by the quality of these chocolates by the time I ate one either. I find that I can sometimes be shocked by this kind of treat in one of two directions. Sometimes I try something I buy at a discount store and find that it’s way worse then I would expect, other times I’m actually surprised at how good some discount store candy can be. These chocolates on the other hand did not surprise me at all. They’re fine, they’re not horrible, they’re not spectacular, they’re just good enough. I will never claim that these are great chocolates by any stretch of the imagination, but I didn’t mind eating the whole bag, and if offered one again I’d politely accept. I’m not likely to buy these ever again, but since it has a Christmas theme there’s a chance someone might gift these to me. If that happened I’d be happy to accept them and would not judge the person giving it to me.

If I was to give these a slight mark up, it would actually be the design. Not only are these a nice sized chocolate treat, the amount of caramel is very good as well. But best of all is the quality of the look of these chocolates. The Santa Clause faces are nice and detailed, and are not simply a re-purposed Easter Egg (a common trend I find in discount chocolate treats). I was actually pretty happy to see that the treats on the package matched what I got very closely.