Caramels "Original"


This classic treat is an interesting one. What few people know is that these treats where originally designed for cooking purposes and not for snacking. This probably changed over time due to the hands in the cookie dough syndrome. This is when you’re a kid and you stick your hands in whatever moms making and eat it raw. I would imagine that people started eating them outside of the kitchen so often that Kraft started to market them as a candy on their own.

Today these are a common staple in candy stores and candy enthusiast all over the world love them, particularly around Halloween. I’m sure that their Halloween attachment has a similar story to how they found their way out of the kitchen as an ingredient. If you have never eaten one of these snacks I highly recommend you give them a try. They will likely change the way you feel about old-time candy.

As far as taste and texture, all I can say is smooth; these things are one of the purest of candies on the market today. They melt in your mouth instantly and fill you full of a beautiful creamy flavour. These simple little caramels set the bar for how to define a creamy treat. If you like anything caramel, I could not recommend anything more highly.