Caramel Bonbon


How cool it is to find a new treat. When I mean 'new', I mean something completely new, like nothing I've ever seen before. Something the whole world has never seen before. These caramel bonbons are just that, to me at least.

What you get is a simple treat with a twist; a caramel taken someplace I've never even imagined. When I first saw these treats, I thought that they were a new type of hard candy with a powdery outside, but no, they're soft. The outside powder is the first surprise. Normally with treats like this, all of the powder tastes the same and often it’s pretty bland. In the case of these bonbons each colour has a distinctly different flavour. The biggest surprise had to be the centre. I thought it would be a regular fruity nougat, but I was wrong. The inside is caramel. Yes, simple caramel. This does lead to the real question, does it work.

Well I have to be honest and say it's okay, it's not spectacular it's just okay. The flavour and texture of caramel and synthetic powder are okay together but really nothing to brag about. While I enjoyed the creativity of the fruity flavoured powders, it just didn’t work with the caramel. There was something off in the balance. It’s creative but it only tastes okay and I wouldn't pay the big bucks for it.