Caramelicious Slab


This bar has three elements, chocolate, crunchy caramel crisps, and toffee. Two of these elements are pretty much what you would expect and not surprising at all, however, one of them is really something different. The milk chocolate is a nice smooth milk chocolate, nice flavour, not too gritty, and it melted just a little on my fingers. The crunchy caramel crisps are pretty small, they ad a little texture to the bar, but not much in the flavour category. The real surprise of this bar is the chewy toffee.

Most of the time when you add a caramel chewy substance to a bar, you hide it in the middle of your bar. This works fairly well, particularly if your caramel is a little runny and not too chewy. The Caramelicious Slab does something that I've never seen before; they melt the caramel into the top of the bar. What you end up with is a chewy caramel swirl on the top of the bar, melted right in.

While this is an original idea, it's not a perfect idea. The fault is in the texture of the chewy caramel. It's a little too dense and chewy, so when you bite into it, it separates from chocolate and sticks to your teeth. Since it's fairly thin it's not too hard a problem to deal with, but it does mess with how this treat feels in your mouth.

So, it's a tasty high quality chocolate bar with a twist. The twist is a little challenging, but still yummy.