Caramello Koala


Australians are very fortunate. They're very fortunate to be the only country in the world with koalas. It's not because koalas are really fun to hug, or because the koala can bring thousands of people into a zoo just to catch a glimpse. They're fortunate to have the koala native to only their land because apparently the koala is the perfect shape for a chocolate treat filled with caramel.

This treat is nothing particularly creative, other than the koala shape, but it works so well as a treat. The Caramello Koala is simply a chocolate koala filled with caramel, nothing more, and nothing less. The reason this treat works so well is it has really high-quality ingredients, and a perfect balance of these ingredients.

Quality wise this has to be some of the best Cadbury chocolate I've ever had in my life. It's smooth, milky, with the perfect amount of cocoa. The caramel is also perfect for this treat. It's nice and drippy, smooth as well, but also has a strong enough flavour not to be lost in the chocolate. When you have two tasty ingredients it can still be really easy to mess up the proportions, but the Caramello Koala doesn't do that at all. The chocolate to caramel ratio is perfect, and I mean perfect. The flavours and textures merge perfectly together creating what I can only describe as one the best caramel and chocolate treats I’ve ever eaten.

I'm told Australians enjoy sucking the caramel out of these over a cup of tea. This sounds completely wonderful. Fortunately for me I still have another bag of these waiting for me right now and plenty of teas that need drinking.