Caramilk "Choc-o-Men"


When I first opened this pack of Choc-o-Men I have to say I was a little disappointed, but not for long. You see, all my Choc-o-Men were facing the same direction, and they weren't facing the side I opened, so at first I thought maybe all the Choc-o-Men were just little stumps with a “creative” name. I quickly pulled one out, almost about to cry, and I saw it. A little smiling face looking back at me. I could barely hold back the tears of joy.

After this great moment I took the opportunity to bite right into him, and my little smiling buddy was so yummy. I'm a pretty big fan of the Caramilk line already, so I knew I was in for a nice snack. As usual I got everything I’d expect from a Caramilk bar, but the addition of the fun shapes made them so much better. I pretended I was a giant and my little 'Choco-o-Man' was running for his life (even though he didn't have feet).

The chocolate itself is tasty, nice and smooth; something I expect from Cadbury. The caramel was classic Caramilk caramel, although honestly, I'm beginning to like the firmer caramels nowadays. Maybe it's just a phase. The balance between the caramel and chocolate was just fine, but I am a little thirsty after eating them. All in all, a great snack and fun to play with. Just be sure to eat them quickly enough because if not, they melt in your hands.