Caramilk "Chocolate"


Hmmmmm. I really can't figure out why Cadbury made this bar. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a Caramilk bar and thought that it needed less caramel and more chocolate. In fact, one of the great things about the Caramilk bar is the caramel. It’s one of the most unique caramel experiences you can find in the candy world. While I can kind of see the possibilities of adding something to this bar (don’t quote me on that), I don’t really understand why you would take away the namesake ingredient.

I expected this Caramilk bar to be a fudgy taste sensation and it really wasn't, in fact it almost tastes exactly the same as a regular Caramilk bar. Not that this is a bad thing since the Caramilk bar is a classic staple in any chocoholic’s diet. I just expected a stronger chocolate taste when I bit into the cubes. I also thought there might be a bit of a fudgy texture in the middle instead of the gooey caramel texture that’s normally there.

I think this bar fails because it’s not different enough. Having said that, if you made it too differently than the original than it wouldn’t be a Caramilk bar.