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Caramilk Deluxe


Taste: 3.5

Texture: 4

Novelty: 3.5

All scores out of 5

May 11 2008

It takes s whole lot of nerve to add something like the word "deluxe" to your treat. I mean deluxe implies that your treat is already good but this new version is so much better. It's also not your standard "new and improved" label. Deluxe implies that it's a little classier too. It's not that I want to build this treat up before I even try it but what can I say with a name like this.

Well the first thing I can say is yummy. But the question is how much better is it than a regular Caramilk. I don't really think it deserves the word deluxe next to it. I mean it's good and the nice little bit of chocolate truffle type stuff at the top adds a little but it doesn't scream out to me at all. Maybe they should have called it "Caramilk sure it's different than a regular Caramilk bar, but not really better". Maybe that doesn't roll of the tongue that well.

I guess what I'm saying is that this treat is great, it's easily equal to the Caramilk bar in all ways, but it's not better than a Caramilk bar. Having said that I really like Caramilk and many other bars in this world can only dream of being a Caramilks equal. I guess you should just be careful what you read but enjoy what you like.