Chocolate covered caramel cubes is a great way to enjoy a snack. You would think with a name like “Caravan” that this bar would be exotic or at the very least special. Unfortunately, this candy bar misses the mark, and falls flat in every way possible. It’s not that this bar was inedible, but it could have been so much more, and so many other bars are doing this same thing much better.

We’ll start by looking at where this bar managed to do OK. The chocolate is fine, not the best quality but definitely not the worst. The chocolate was smooth and not too waxy. So, on the outside this bar might seem perfectly fine. The real problem with this bar has to be the caramel, it really didn't have that strong a flavour. In fact, I had to eat three cubes before I was sure it was caramel. The caramel was really more like a tasteless sugar syrup than anything resembling caramel.

If you've ever had really high-end caramel treats, you will be very disappointed with this bar. I think I'd rather have a Caramilk bar instead.