Why did I pick this treat, you ask? Well to be honest, it had a picture of a banana on it. Odd, considering I’m generally not a big fan of fake banana flavour and when I bought this, I was pretty sure that it wasn’t going to be filled with real banana. I guess I just had gorillas on my mind and one thing led to another. I can’t believe it! This little chocolate actually tastes a lot like real banana. This is astounding, I’ve never had a banana treat that's its equal, and that’s saying a lot since I’ve eaten way too many fake banana candies. I may have to change my mind about how I feel about banana-flavoured candy. Particularly if more companies make fine treats like this one.

This treat, although tasting great, does have a little flaw, and I think it's coconut. I got something that seems to taste a little like coconut and the texture was almost exactly the same. I don’t see why it’s in there; if you just gave me a chocolate that tasted the way this did, I’d be happy. I can kind of see how bananas and coconut go together thematically, but with this treat it just seems like overkill. Particularly because they got the banana so right.

On paper there’s nothing I should like about this candy. I (now) often don’t like banana flavoured candies, and I don’t really like coconut that much. The banana flavour really surprised me though, and it was pretty good. The coconut however, just brought it down.