Cashew Crunch


One of the greatest things about small candy companies has to be their personal gems. I love the way small candy companies can focus on a particular candy and make fantastic. Larger candy companies often expand and lose focus, some smaller companies do that as well. These expansions tend to be of lesser quality than the classic, and in the case of small companies can put them out of business. The staples of small candy companies is one of the best treats in the candy world and these things are a great example.

The candy itself is very simple cashew toffee lightly dusted with coconut. Simplicity designed with a loving hand can be something amazing. It’s about making sure you have the quality ingredients, and that they’re blended perfectly. The eye for detail is what makes great candy companies. This attention to detail is what most describe as love. Love for the consumer and respect and love for the candy itself.

The only downfall is that I’m normally I'm not a huge fan of coconut. The good thing is that these have just enough not to be too overpowering. While the coconut is certainly prevalent, it’s not the star of the show. Instead it helps the other flavours and adds just a slight contrast.