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Temptations "Cashew Appeal"


Taste: 4.5

Texture: 4.5

Novelty: 3.5

All scores out of 5

I should preface this review with a note; I purchased this bar in India, in the middle of the summer, in 40 degree temperatures. Needless to say that the bar melted on my ten minute walk between the store and my hotel (where I'm writing this review). I let the bar cool down a bit before eating it, and when unwrapped it was a little deformed and there was a bit of white on the top.

Speaking of unwrapping, this bar goes the extra mile when it comes to packaging. There's the sealed plastic wrapper, then a paper wrapper, finally the chocolate itself is wrapped in foil. It's a little excessive, but it does make the bar seem a little classier. As for the bar itself, it's pretty good, melted or otherwise I assume. The chocolate is the fine Cadbury chocolate you would expect from any Cadbury bar. There are plenty of cashew nut bits throughout the bar, nice and evenly distributed. You don't get any full cashew nuts, but the pieces are big enough to positively effect the bar texture wise.

Flavour wise the nuts don't add that much to the bar, I just don't think cashews have a strong enough flavour. You'd have to have twice as much cashew to chocolate for the nut flavour to come through properly, and if you did that it would be a totally different bar. Fortunately the chocolate is so good that it doesn't really matter.

This is a simple bar, but it works. It's nothing innovative, but it's nice to eat.