Cassava Chips

Shiyasha Manioc Bytes

I'm not sure what a cassava looks like, but I imagine it's some kind of long, possibly white root. I'd love to see one and maybe try it in a stew or soup. I say this because I like potatoes in stews or soups and I also like potato chips. So, I figure if potato chips are great in all these forms than this cassava root must be too, because these chips are really tasty.

The flavour is a little sweeter than potato chips, and the texture is a little crunchier. The crunch is really the star of this snack; in fact, I would say that the crunch is even better than most, if not all of the potato chips I've eaten in my life. It's the kind of crunch you can feel in your whole head, in a good way. I’m pretty sure that the cassava is the reason for this crunch because I can’t imagine that chip companies haven’t come up with a way to make potatoes crunch like these.

The sweet flavour of these chips is balanced with a slightly spicy flavour (added by the folks at Shiyasha Manioc). While I'm not a huge fan of spicy things, these are fairly lightly spiced and don't burn too much. I think these chips would work with other flavours as well, sweet or salty. I'm not sure why cassava chips aren't more popular around the world but I'd sure like to see them hit the main stream.